With Klapp, find and manage its web applications has never been so easy !

Klapp is an all-in-one solution to develop your business better
using discounted web tools with a single subscription!

A varied and quality SaaS applications catalog

Do you know applications can be help you everyday in creation/management of your company?

To respond to your multiple needs, Klapp expose you a varied applications catalog allowing you to have an amazing and universal toolbox to develop your business.

A single subscription

Klapp want simplify your daily life by avoiding you to manage many subscriptions/licenses for all your software.

For it, we aggregate all your applications subscribed on Klapp into a single monthly subscription (and so a single invoice).
Your profile and banking informations are centralized on Klapp.

Save money on your web applications

Does your budget allowing you to equip yourself properly to develop your professional activity in good conditions ?

Klapp offers a smart discount system according to the number of sponsored friends. For every Klapp subscriber, receive an additional 5% off! Why deprive yourself?

An artificial intelligence at your service

Klapp analyzes your needs and automatically suggests the applications that match you.

Our recommendation engine propose you relevant applications according to many criteria: Size of your team, maturity of your company, types of applications already used...

Let yourself be guided by our KlappAssist system

Simply tell us what you're looking for... and we'll instantly find what you need!

Our virtual assistant allow you to dynamically search software. After a few questions/answers, we find the perfect matching tool!