Are you a SaaS vendor?

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by distributing your applications innovatively on Klapp

Benefits of Klapp

Klapp give you the possibility to increase your revenue, to distribute your applications in a qualitative applications catalog, to new customers target.

New distribution channel

Grow your possibilities of making your application visible to startups and freelances, and habituating these to use your application from the beginning of their professional activity.

Visibility of your application

An online profile, with your application details is show in the catalog to the Klapp community: features, editor, recommendation of the community...

Qualitative selection

Klapp performs a rigorous selection of applications can be distributed on the platform according to several criterias: innovative features,user experience, customer service...

Promotion of your application

For each application added to the Klapp catalog, this one is presented to the community by a dedicated blog post, a newsletter and publications on Klapp social networks

Acquisition costs reduction

Klapp allows you to make real savings in marketing/communication and so reduce your customers acquisition costs on startups, freelancers, small businesses segments.

Subscription management

To group the applications of a package within a single subscription, Klapp supports on its platform all the monthly recurring subscriptions management.

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