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Use your software otherwise

Klapp will completely revolutionise the way you use your favorites software by combining simplicity, economy and flexibility!


A simple software management

How many software licenses do you have today? Does your licenses allow you to have the latest software versions?

Klapp offers you to replace your many licenses by a simple and economic system : a single subscription. After subscription to our service, access to a varied and recent software catalog. With a few clicks, download and use the wished software for your subscription duration.


Save money on software licenses purchasing

Do you think your software prices are consistent with your usage time? Without sufficient budget, may be you pirate software?

Many companies (Startups, Freelance, Smallbiz...) find it difficult to have the necessary budget to buy software and develop their business. In addition, the low usage time (or the temporary use) do many users download software illegally. Klapp provides economic and legal solution to software users who want to control their budget.


You are totally free to stop whenever you want

Our service does not respond to your needs? You are unhappiness and you would like to share that with us?

No problem! You are free to stop your subscription at any time, without advance notice, without penalty and in one click. Previously, we invite you to contact us to tell us of your displeasure and if possible, we can offer a solution or guide you in using our services.